Disinfecting and Sanitizing Service

Bugs by Brian can sanitize and disinfect your home or workplace.

Did you know Bugs By Brian offers a sanitizing service to all of our commercial and residential clients. We will treat your home, office, or facility with a product labeled for use as a Disinfectant, Sanitizer, Fungicide and Virucide. The product we apply is listed to kill 31 strains of Bacteria and 19 different viruses, including E-Coli, Staph, Hantavirus, Avian Influenza, Hepatitis B and C, Influenza A (H1N1), HIV, Salmonella, and – yes – CORONAVIRUS!

We can treat almost any commercial or residential area, in order to promote a safe work environment for employees and a healthy living space for you and your family. We will also treat your automobiles, work vehicles, emergency use vehicles or delivery vehicles.

We recommend that all hard, nonporous surfaces be cleaned and items be removed prior to our treatment. We treat areas including – but, not limited to – sinks, counter tops, bathrooms, mirrors, handrails, refrigerators, door handles, floors, kitchens, toilets, desk and work spaces, trash areas and any other high-use area where human-to-human contact would occur. (Treatment is not recommended on fabrics or soft surfaces like bedding or pillow cases. We do suggest a cleaning and washing regimen to include high-temperature water and high-heat drying for at least 90 minutes).

While we can’t warrant or guarantee that infection won’t ever occur if you use our service, we can tell you with certainty that our product kills on contact and will completely disinfect treated surfaces, after a recommended elapsed time of at least 10 minutes. While there is no longevity to this application so we can’t prevent a reintroduction of harmful contaminants as a result of continued activity, we can re-treat as often as necessary.

We make this service very affordable, especially in times of crisis. We will charge approximately $125.00 for an average size, ranch style home. (Add an additional $25.00 per floor, for homes with basements and two story designs). We charge $25.00 per automobile and $50.00 for delivery vans. Commercial rates are based on area treated, please call for a quote. (636) 394-0101 or (321) 674-1665.